At HealthCloudAI, we are building an assistive AI solution to bring about a phenomenal change in the quality of Indian healthcare. If you are excited about bringing a positive change in Indian healthcare, you can contribute significantly to HealthCloudAI’s product by joining us as an intern.

You will be working with the founders (PhDs from the University of Maryland) in developing the product. This internship will help you learn techniques required to build cutting edge deep learning models and deploying them in the real world. Your work here will have a significant impact on the product and you will learn a tremendous amount about building a startup.

If interested, send your resume and sample projects/Github profile to

Major responsibilities:
1. Use machine learning, data mining and statistical techniques on terabytes of clinical data.
2. Design and develop cutting edge clinical NLP and imaging techniques.
3. Deploy models in real-world clinical scenarios.

Skills and Qualifications:
1. Programming languages: Python, Java
2. ML frameworks: Tensorflow, Pytorch.
3. NLP concepts such as information extraction, a bag of words, word embeddings.
4. Computer vision concepts such as image segmentation using deep learning.
5. Knowledge of RNN, LSTM, and other neural network architectures.

Note: The internship period is 3-9 months and will be in Bangalore. Candidates who cannot satisfy this criterion will not be entertained.

About HealthCloudAI:
HealthCloudAI is a fast-growing health-tech company developing assistive AI solutions for improving the quality of care provided to patients. Founders are PhDs from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. They have worked in Silicon Valley for several years on cutting-edge products like self-driving cars, computational cameras, social media data mining, etc. They have combined research experience of 20+ years with 30+ US patents and 40+ peer-reviewed publications in major international conferences and journals.

LinkedIn profile of founders: